51 practical weight loss tips!

When it comes to losing weight, you will never get too little information. The internet, magazines and diet books are full of the most diverse tips. The problem is that those advice can often be found everywhere and nowhere. Moreover, they sometimes contradict each other …

Below we give you an extensive list of our 51 best weight loss tips. Neatly arranged and nice and concise. If you want more detailed information, we often have a post about it. Just click through the links and we’ll explain our tips there in more detail!

Lose weight tips


1. Create a stable calorie deficit

You lose weight by eating less than you consume. That way, your body has to burn fat to get energy . Eat around 10-20% fewer calories per day than you burn. You can read here how to calculate your daily calorie consumption .

2. Eat (almost) nothing from packets and bags

Cooking as much as possible yourself is the first step to eating healthier and leaner. Ready-made meals often contain much more unhealthy ingredients than you realize. That way you will never get a good idea of ​​your eating habits.

3. Eat less salt

The average Dutch person eats about twice as much salt as the maximum health limit! Bad news, because salt is bad for your blood pressure in large quantities. You also retain more moisture – and therefore kilos – by it.

4. Eat less sugar

Sugar is one of the products that you should eat as little as possible: it provides a lot of calories and no nutritional value. In addition, it can be addictive and results in more binges . Read labels carefully, because it is everywhere!

5. Moderate with ‘natural sugars’

Honey , maple syrup and coconut blossom sugar are slightly better than simple granulated sugar. However, the difference is not as great as many blogs would have you believe. Enjoy this in moderation, and reserve it for special moments!

6. Do not eat white carbohydrates

Carbohydrates such as white rice , white pasta and white bread have the same effect as regular sugar. They cause a rapid increase in glucose in your blood and fill less. So choose the whole-grain varieties.

7. Eat slow carbohydrates!

Some sites recommend that you avoid carbohydrates altogether; that’s bad advice. Carbohydrates are fantastic energy sources. Just make sure you go for the slower variants. Think of whole grains, semi-grains such as quinoa , and legumes .

8. Avoid trans fats

The fear of saturated fat is partly unjustified, and not enough panic is being sown for trans fats . These things are insanely unhealthy. So be careful when eating puff pastry , crisps , frying, baking and bath products and almost all factory food.

9. Eat healthy fats

But certainly not all fats are bad; in fact, you need healthy fats . Examples are olivesand olive oil, avocados , fatty fish such as salmon, egg yolks, nuts and coconut. Eat this in moderation: fats are high in calories.

10. Eat more protein

Proteins saturate more and more than carbohydrates. They also help you to strengthen your muscles and use energy to burn. All the more reason to eat more protein – both animal and vegetable.

11. Eat white meat and fish

When you choose proteins, red or processed meat is often not a good choice. It contains more calories and worse fats. Therefore, go for white meat that is slimmer. An occasionally eat fish!

12. Eat vegetable proteins

diet with too much animal food is not necessarily healthy. So do not eat mountains of chicken, but also use vegetable sources. Good options are legumes, whole grains, soy , nuts, seeds and some vegetables .

13. Eat more fiber

A list of weight loss tips is not complete without fiber . Fiber gives you a long-lasting feeling and therefore help you eat less without hunger . In addition, they keep your intestines healthy! Choose whole grains, legumes, lots of fruit and vegetables and, for example, linseed .

14. Eat more vegetables

Fibers are one reason to stock big vegetables, but there are more. Vegetables also have very few calories. You can eat almost unlimited, which fills up nicely. In addition, don’t forget the vitamins and minerals !

15. Eat a vegetable-rich appetizer

By eating soup or salad beforehand, you can be sure that you will get a good portion of vegetables. In addition, you eat less of the main course, and you save in total on calories.

16. Eat spicy and seasoned

Having trouble eating less salt because it tastes blander? That goes without saying. In the meantime, explore other ways to flavor your food. Spicy food has the advantage that it slightly speeds up your metabolism .

17. Snack healthy

You certainly don’t have to stop snacking – as long as you snack healthy. A few good options: fruit, raw vegetables with humus , nuts and dried fruit , vegetable chips , a boiled egg, dark chocolate .

18. Do not drink soft drinks

Soft drinks are about the fastest way to arrive. They provide a lot of calories and do not fill for a meter. Ask for problems! Light soft drinks are also not much better, as we explain here .

19. Do not drink fruit juice

Fruit juice is often seen as healthy, but is actually just water with sugar. The fibers and other healthy substances from the fruit are completely squeezed out. So it mainly gives you a big glucose peak!

20. Do not drink alcohol

Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. However, that is not the biggest problem. It also ensures that you store more fat, and especially belly fat . It also disrupts your sleep and sports routine. This makes losing weight in the long run even more difficult!

21. Drink plenty of water and tea

Instead of all that sweet junk, water is the ideal thirst quencher. Do you find that a bit boring? Opt for tea . Or, if you want something colder in this summer weather, homemade iced tea or water with a taste .

22. Drink your coffee black

A few cups of coffee a day are no problem. (More becomes unhealthy). Make sure that you drink your coffee black or at most with a splash of milk . Cappuccino and frappucino are usually packed with calories.


23. Do HIIT as a cardio

For many people, Cardio equals hours of hard work with little result. HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training – changes that. It delivers the same benefits – but a whole lot faster.

24. Don’t overdo cardio

Does this seem like a crazy suggestion within a list of weight loss tips? Remember that large amounts of cardio will break down your muscles. And that is the last thing you want if you try to keep your metabolism up to date!

25. Begin strength training

And instead of that cardio, we go for … right, strength training . Because with that you do those muscles a pleasure. Strength training is also a fantastic way to lose weight for women. And no, it won’t really turn you into a hulk.

26. Choose compound exercises

With strength training you prefer to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Compound exercises help you with this. Here you can use multiple muscles with one exercise, as opposed to isolation exercises.

27. Train the large muscle groups

Make sure you don’t just do sit-ups. You want to appeal to the large muscle groupsas much as possible: legs, back, chest, and so on. The larger the muscle group, the more calories you use with it.

28. Progressive tax

Muscles grow because you need more strength. So keep giving your body the signal that it is not good enough yet. Can you lift a certain weight? Continue to work with a greater weight!

29. Take sufficient recovery time

Your muscles do not grow during training, but during the recovery time. So make sure that there are always two whole days in between before you train a muscle group again. This way you prevent injuries and you maximize growth.

30. Train for an hour

More is not always better. If you make your training sessions too long, they can be at the expense of your results. Make sure you get everything done within an hour – and preferably another 45 minutes.

31. Eat proteins after training

Immediately after your workout, your body needs nutrients. Make sure you have proteins and some carbohydrates to give your muscles the right help.

32. Burning local fat does not exist!

We have discussed this before, but it is such a persistent misunderstanding that we will just repeat it here. You do not burn abdominal fat with abdominal exercises . You will have to burn the fat everywhere.

33. Take a walk every day

Even if you are not exercising, exercise is a good way to support your diet. A daily walk is therefore one of the best weight loss tips, if only because it helps you relax .

34. Get off the bus one stop earlier

Struggling to get some more exercise in your daily schedule? Get out of the bus or tram a bit earlier and walk the rest of the route. This way you immediately go a long way.

35. Move every hour

Sitting still for eight hours greatly reduces your fat burning . By working while standing, making telephone calls and always taking the stairs, you keep things going better.

36. Find a sports buddy

Do you have difficulty maintaining a sports routine? By exercising together with someone else, it becomes much easier to stay motivated. Please note that you have the same goals and preferences.


37. Set achievable goals

Don’t try to be on your target weight in a month. That is unhealthy and demotivating if it fails. Half a kilo a week is about a healthy pace to lose weight sustainably.

38. Reward yourself

Set between goals to keep yourself motivated in the short term. Did you get one? Time for a reward! These are weight loss tips, so we are not going to recommend eating something delicious. Rather think of a nice outing, for example.

39. Eat at home

In restaurants, much more cream, cheese , salt and sugar is often thrown through your food. You also get larger portions. By eating at home you save your waist circumference and your wallet.

40. Eat with attention

Are you also inclined to eat your food in front of the TV? This ensures that you feel less quickly saturated and therefore continue to eat more. Eat with attention and really enjoy what you get.

41. Don’t eat out of boredom or emotion

It is very human to go to the chocolate when you are sad. In the long term, however, you will not feel better about it … Always ask yourself why you are eating now before snacking!

42. Keep track of your food occasionally

By registering what you eat now and then for a week, you notice any problems quickly. Moreover, you often eat less if you know that you will have to write it down later.

43. Weigh weekly, not daily

Your weight often fluctuates enormously from day to day. So you learn little by standing on that dreaded scale every morning . Weighing weekly gives a better picture.

44. Use other measurement methods

If you lose fat but grow muscle, your weight will often not change. You do look much better that way! So make sure you also take photos to keep track of progress, for example.

45. Buy a pedometer

A pedometer not only helps you to see how much you move every day. You will also feel more motivated to indeed walk more.

46. ​​Put fruit in sight

Struggling to resist temptation? Take the temptation away! Make sure that unhealthy snacks are stored away or not even in the house. Put some fruit in sight instead.

47. Brush your teeth when you pull

Want to snack, but not really hungry? Brush your teeth! That fresh feeling in your mouth will probably take away the urge to eat very quickly.

48. Drink water with tensile

Another option is to simply pour a bottle of water in when you pull. Your body often gives a signal of hunger when you are actually just thirsty.

49. Do groceries with a full stomach

If you walk hungry in the supermarket , all sorts of junk will undoubtedly end up in your basket. So make sure you have always eaten in advance.

50. Make a shopping list

Whenever you do something in the store, you always end up with more and healthier food than you intended. By planning in advance, you also save your wallet!

51. Sleep enough

What does sleep do in a list of weight loss tips? Very simple: your night’s sleep is more important than you may think. You make it a lot easier for yourself by sticking to those eight hours a night.

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