Microsoft lets see a bit of Spartan in Windows 10 smartphones

The giant of Redmond has taken advantage of the first official day of the MWC to make some important presentations, such as the Office news , but has also let see [little bird] a Spartan advance [/ little bird] in Windows 10 smartphones.

Unfortunately, the matter was quite brief, more than we would have liked, since the software giant did not offer much information or focus for a long time on its new browser, destined to be the successor of the scorned Internet Explorer.

However, we can highlight two important points. On the one hand we have that Microsoft has opted for a clean, minimalist and familiar interface , which translates into simplicity and ease of use.

On the other hand, direct reference was made to the reading mode , which makes it possible to suppress all the unnecessary from the web visualization and thus be able to focus on reading the contents thereof, something that can certainly be quite useful.

We will be attentive to this year's MWC to see if Microsoft reveals more interesting details about its new mobile operating system, or about its "companions".