How do you get belly fat away? 28 tips!

How do you get belly fat away? That is a question we regularly receive from desperate and frustrated readers of our blog. Belly fat is perhaps the most stubborn body fat that exists. It is not for nothing that many people even believe that it is impossible to get away.

Fortunately it is not that bad – but it is true that burning belly fat is quite a challenge. And it doesn’t help that there is a lot of nonsense in the circulation to get the best way to get rid of it. Today we give you 28 practical tips that really work!

Remove belly fat

Let’s just say it: all wonder powders and mysterious supplements do not work. There is no single product that you can use to burn fat. How do you get belly fat away? In short: a healthy diet, combined with an active and balanced lifestyle.

Does that sound like a lot of trouble? To a certain extent that is correct: you need some patience and perseverance to get rid of those love handles . On the other hand, it is often exaggerated how difficult a healthy life is. With these 28 tips against belly fat you will be there in no time.

Losing belly fat with food and drink

It is said that losing belly fat is 80% food and 20% exercise. For that reason we give you no fewer than 14 tips to burn belly fat through food and drink. The bonus is that you generally get healthier if you change your eating habits step by step according to these points!

  1. Eat with a calorie deficit . To burn fat – anywhere – you need a calorie deficit. So eat slightly fewer calories than you consume in a day.
  2. But don’t overdo it! On the other hand, a too large calorie deficit is unwise, a crash diet ultimately does not work. 300 to 500 calories below your energy requirement is perfect.
  3. Eat more fiber . Fibers fill and ensure that you eat less. You can find them mainly in fruit and vegetables , but also in whole grain products.
  4. Eat more protein . Proteins also saturate and combat binge eating . Good sources are meat, fish , egg, dairy, soy , legumes , grains and nuts .
  5. Eat less processed meat. Processed meat such as sausages, salami and bacon contains many fats and therefore many calories.
  6. Eat fewer trans fats . The same applies to trans fats, “partially hardened fats,” which are found in many factory products. This is the unhealthiest type of fats that you really want to avoid!
  7. Eat more healthy fats . Healthy fats, on the other hand, help you burn belly fat (if you don’t eat too many calories through it). Consider fatty fish, olive oil, avocado and nuts.
  8. Do not drink alcohol . It’s not for nothing that the beer belly is called the beer belly. Alcohol provides a lot of calories, and creates a state where the burning of is temporarily stopped.
  9. Eat less sugar. Fruit is fine: there the sugars are combined with fibers that slow down the absorption. All concentrated, refined and added sugars , however, are detractors, even if they are ‘natural’.
  10. Eat less white carbohydrates . Low-fiber carbohydrates behave just as badly as sugar. So eat whole grain bread , whole grain pasta and brown rice .
  11. Do not drink sweetened drinks. When you drink sugar, you get a lot of calories unnoticed. No soft drinks and fruit juices , so!
  12. Do not drink artificial sweeteners . Even diet soda is not a good alternative. Research is still in progress, but sweeteners may cause hunger and ‘ overeating ‘ during the day.
  13. Drink coffee . Coffee is then again an excellent choice. For example, it stimulates (slightly) metabolism and provides energy for intensive training.
  14. Drink more water . Many people are dehydrated continuously. Not only unhealthy, it also makes you eat more. At least one and a half liters of water per day !

How do you get belly fat away with sports?

A healthy diet often takes you a long way. Still, regular exercise or exercise really give a boost in burning belly fat. Then of course it is important to choose the right method, because otherwise you will waste unnecessary time! Below we give you six tips to get rid of your belly fat with sports.

  1. Not too much cardio. It is disappointing how many calories you burn per hour with cardio. So don’t just rely on the treadmill for that belly fat!
  2. Interval training . If you want to go for cardio, choose interval training. This way you achieve more results in less time!
  3. Exercise regularly. Even if you do not exercise, lunch walks, bike rides to the supermarket and just taking the stairs are important.
  4. Choose strength training . In the long term, strength training is more effective than cardio (you can read why here) . So weights!
  5. Stop abdominal exercises . Sounds counterintuitive, but burning fat locallydoes not exist. And your abs burn relatively few calories.
  6. Do compound exercises . With compound exercises you train several large muscle groups at the same time. That is where the calories from your body fly.
  7. Don’t train too long. If you train too long, your body will produce cortisol – which can cause more muscle breakdown. A one-hour training is more than enough!

Removing belly fat as a lifestyle

It is wise not to regard all these measures as a temporary diet . Instead, make sure that they become habits that you can also sustain if you are rid of that belly fat. This way you prevent it from coming back in a year! The following seven tips will help you with a belly-friendly lifestyle.

  1. Count calories occasionally. That doesn’t have to be constant, of course. But occasionally counting a week of calories ensures that you do not eat too much unnoticed.
  2. Keep an eye on your sporting progress. By keeping track of what you do in the gym , you can continue to cause progressive stress. You will also immediately notice a plateau .
  3. Reduce stress . Stress provides more cortisol, and cortisol provides more belly fat. So give yourself time to relax and try to eliminate causes of stress.
  4. Sleep eight hours a night. A poor night’s rest also boosts cortisol production. So eight hours of quality sleep is really a minimum.
  5. Try intermittent fasting . By eating periods alternately and not (or less), many people easily create a calorie deficit.
  6. Insert a cheat day . Occasional sin is best, for example during a weekly cheat day. This way you can maintain your healthy eating pattern much easier.
  7. Don’t be too strict on yourself. Do you fly out of the corner with snacks ? Don’t give yourself too much of it, it only creates the risk that you will stop completely. Going on the right track ultimately gives more results!