Review: Yes! Bars. What do we think about it?

In the ‘healthy snacks’ category, we now find the Yes! Bars at the Albert Heijn . Immediately classified by the supermarket in the ‘superfoods’ category, and recommended as responsible snack bars. And indeed, ingredients such as quinoaand beetroot sound promising.

But are the Yes! Bars indeed as healthy as they present themselves? For that, we always have to look at the packaging in more detail! In this review you can read our opinion about these ‘ superfood bars’.

What are the Yes! Bars?

The Yes! Bars are, as said, promoted as healthy bars full of healthy ingredients. You can find them at the Albert Heijn on the shelves in five different flavors:

  • Sea salt and dark chocolate
  • Coffee, cherry and dark chocolate
  • Cranberry and dark chocolate
  • Lemon quinoa and chili
  • Beetroot and apple

A fairly varied assortment, in which there is something for everyone! One bar is only 32 grams, so you don’t eat a large portion too quickly. The question is of course: does that 32 gram also contain 32 grams of substances that you actually want to receive?

Sweeteners in the Yes! Bars

First, let’s look at a point where ‘healthy’ bars often go wrong: the sweeteners. The two Yes! Fruit-flavored bars promise not to contain any added sugar. That sounds good … but unfortunately it appears to be a bit disappointing in practice.

What is apparent when examining the label? With both the Lemon quinoa and Beetroot, the first ingredient is apple juice concentrate. Just the sugars from apple, so, so strongly concentrated that little health is left of it. Other important ingredients are dried fruit and dates .

All this is clearly reflected in the nutritional value. The Beetroot contains no less than 56.3 grams of sugar per 100 grams. For the Lemon quinoa bar that is even 60.5 grams! Even with a bar of 32 grams you will therefore receive more than 16 grams of fast sugars …

The other three flavors contain 11 to 14 grams of sugars per 100 grams. A lot less, but just sugar, honey and corn syrup have been added. So simple added sugars . Still not very neat for a bar that is put under the ‘superfood’ category.

Further ingredients

What about the ingredients list? That varies a bit per taste. The three chocolate flavors contain quite a lot of nuts , in particular almonds and peanuts . There is nothing wrong with that in itself. Unfortunately, the bars further include also a lot of ingredients such as added salt , processed soy – protein , and so on. Not very ‘natural’, therefore.

The two fruit bars are a lot simpler in composition. Apart from all that concentrated fruit, it also contains some oil, seeds, quinoa and seasonings. Unfortunately, that doesn’t take much away from the fact that a large part of the ingredients are still sweeteners.

Calories and nutritional value

What about the nutritional value of the Yes! Bars? The energy value differs per taste. The three chocolate flavors contain around 540 kcal per 100 grams. That is approximately 180 kcal per strip. The majority of this comes from fats (approx. 35 grams per 100 grams). They come from nuts, so they are fairly healthy fats .

The fruit bars are less calorie-rich, with an average of 370 kcal per 100 grams, or 125 kcal per bar. In addition to fewer fats, these bars also contain much less protein than the chocolate bars: on average 4 grams per 100 grams, compared to 20 grams in the chocolate bars. The calories here really come mainly from aforementioned fast sugars.

Live more yes … or rather not?

“Live more yes!” The labels of the bars enthusiastically suggest . But is that such a good idea indeed? In any case, we have our doubts about the Beetroot and the Lemon quinoa. Due to the high content of fast sugars, these bars do not form a satiating snack.

The chocolate flavor bars are more promising in terms of nutritional value. They do contain much more fats, but they are certainly quite satiating. The same applies to the relatively high content of proteins. If you like them, it may still be worth the 180 kcal per bar.

However, please note that these bars also still contain a lot of added sugars. It depends a bit on your own goals whether you find the complicated ingredient list and those additions to fit your diet!