18 fast low-carb snacks

More and more people nowadays eat fewer carbohydrates . That may be because they want to lose weight; reducing carbohydrates is reasonably effective for this. However, there are also several other reasons for this! Planning the big meals doesn’t have to be that hard at all, but in between …

Adding healthy snacks to your healthy diet can also be quite an art . So today we devote our blog to it. Not only do we give you a quick explanation of the usefulness of low- carb snacks, you also get a whole list. With these 18 examples you will always find something that you feel like.

Why low-carb snacks?

That snacking itself is not bad at all, you will know by now if you read this blog more often. Simply put: it can help you prevent (unhealthy!) Binge eating . However, it is important that you choose snacks that are not unhealthy. After all, a bag of chips does not bring you closer to your physical goals …

It is also important to remember that there is nothing wrong with carbohydrates. You need a lot of it (especially if you exercise a lot). However, reducing carbohydrates can be useful for reducing your overall calorie intake. We often eat bread , rice and pasta with the main meals .

Certainly for snacks it may be wise not to take too many carbohydrates. That way you have room for proteins and healthy fats and everything stays nicely balanced.

18 low-carbohydrate snacks

The following 18 low-carbohydrate snacks all contain very few carbohydrates. Keep in mind that many of them contain relatively many fats ! There is nothing wrong with that in itself – fats are very healthy if they are of the right type.

However, it does mean that these snacks can sometimes contain relatively many calories . Don’t forget to include them in your daily sum of meals! In this way you prevent you from being unnoticed far beyond your calorie requirements at the end of the day.

1. Caprese skewers

Make skewers of mozzarella balls, tomatoes and basil leaves. Delicious with lots of fresh pepper .

2. Boiled egg

Boil a few immediately and keep them in the fridge. Delicious with a herbal oil dip!

3. Nuts

Perhaps the easiest snack, and thanks to the healthy fats it is also very healthy.

4. Olives

For example, eat them with garlic and herbs, or with a feta yogurt dip.

5. Fat chicken breast Avocado with t

Slices avocado sliced chicken breast is very easy to make and very tasty.

6. Cherry tomatoes

When you fancy something sweet that doesn’t immediately get sugary, cherry tomatoes are ideal. Also delicious with cottage cheese .

7. Cucumber with salmon

If you are looking for a chic snack, make nice-looking rolls with cucumber ribbons, salmon and cream cheese.

8. Ham cheese cubes

Cut cubes of your favorite ham and cheese, and serve on skewers. Tasty with some spicy arugula!

9. Cottage cheese

Eat it naturally, or for example with nuts and seeds. Greek yogurt is also a good option.

10. Pickles with gammon

Achterham is another perfect ingredient for rolling in other products – such as pickles .

11. Celery with peanut butter

Celery is ideal for dipping, thanks to its crispy structure. Peanut butter is a relatively low carbohydrate dip.

12. Cottage cheese with cinnamon

Hüttenkäse is wonderfully fresh and can also be eaten as a sweet snack. Also try it with some lemon juice!

13. Pure chocolate

The more cocoa the chocolate contains, the less sugar it contains. And cocoa is itself a very healthy source of  antioxidants !

14. Herring with onions

Not a very skinny snack, admittedly – but once in a while this may well be once!

15. Grilled vegetables with guacemole

Of course you prefer to make the guacemole yourself, so that you know for sure that it contains no unhealthy ingredients.

16. Omelette rolls

Bake a thin omelet and fill it with cream cheese, salmon, vegetables or olives, for example .

17. Grilled mushrooms

Takes a little more time, but incredibly tasty with soft goat cheese and parsley, for example .

18. Slawraps

Lettuce leaves can also be used as wraps for a slightly fresher result than with the omelettes.