How to fix a line that goes through an LCD screen

Each LCD screen or LCD monitor is composed of tens of thousands or even millions of pixels arranged in a series of columns and rows. Sometimes, these rows or columns break down, creating horizontal or vertical lines that cross the LCD screen. However, these lines are not always the result of a technical failure. Human error or the configuration of your screen may be behind this issue.

Step 1

Check the aspect ratio of your screen, 4: 3 and 16: 9 are the most common video formats. The aspect ratio of your LCD must match the setting of the video format of your source. If these do not match, and you are playing a movie recorded in 16: 9 format on a 4: 3 screen set, for example, you will see thick, black columns on the outer edges of your screen.

Step 2

Install the latest updates for your monitor. The Philips LCD TV shows thin vertical lines when the product firmware is out of date. Log in to the manufacturer’s website for specific product brand instructions to download and install the firmware and software updates.

Step 3

Inspect your LVDS, low-voltage differential signal (abbreviation for short), rivet cable, worn parts or other signs of damage, replace if necessary. This cable transports high-performance data from your computer or television processor to your LCD screen; if it is damaged, it interferes with the video signal, producing everything from the horizontal and vertical lines for pixilation and tiling on the screen.

Step 4

Examine the cables that connect each LCD screen, such as a television or computer monitor, to the video signal source, such as a decoder or processor. The damage to these cables will produce a compromised video quality on the screen, including horizontal and vertical lines of different sizes. Tighten loose cable connections or replace damaged cables if necessary.

Step 5

Contact your service provider to see if there has been any interruption of the signal at the source. Just as a video or Internet signal in your home may be compromised by damaged equipment, the signal between the device and the service provider may be affected by signal interference or degradation.

Step 6

Call the manufacturer of the LCD for information about the warranty of your screen. The problems with the control of time of the board of your screen, which is responsible for synchronizing the video and audio on the screen, and the unions of the automated tapes, which convert the information of the video source into digital information for its use Due to the different electrical transistors, they are serious problems that can cause some dark lines to appear on the LCD screen. Only a professional can diagnose and repair these complex problems.



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