How to read my work email from home?

The default value of your Windows email client, Microsoft Outlook, makes it possible for you to review and read your work at home emails. Outlook connects to the work server and downloads all email messages so you can read them. You can also use Outlook to send messages, view your calendar and schedule tasks.

Step 1

Start Outlook from your Start menu. It is located in the “Microsoft Office” folder under “All Programs.”

Step 2

Click on “Tools” and select “Email accounts.”

Step 3

Click on “Add” to create a new email account. Click on “Next”

Step 4

Click to select “POP3”, then “Next”.

Step 5

Enter your full name and your work email address. Click on “Next”

Step 6

Enter your work server address. Enter “” in “Incoming mail server (POP3)”, where “yourcompany” is the email name of your company. Type “” in “Outgoing mail server (SMTP)”. Click on “Next”

Step 7

Enter your username and password for the job. Click on “Next”

Step 8

Click on “Test account settings” to make sure all the information you entered is correct. Click “OK” to finish. Click on “Inbox” to read your home work e-mails.



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