How to send a message to someone who is in another country

SMS messages (short message service), commonly called text messages, can be sent internationally by agreements between cell phone companies to handle the message traffic of others. A message can be sent across international borders with the same network as when a message is sent from an AT & T cell phone to a Verizon or Sprint cell phone. Your company can charge more for sending or receiving an international text message.

Step 1

Determine the international country code for the cell phone to which you wish to send the text message. For example, the country code for both the United States and Canada is “1”. If the number you are sending text messages to begins with a “+” sign, the country code is already included. The plus sign indicates that the number is already in an internationalized format. For example, (212) 555-1212 is internationalized as “+12125551212”.

Step 2

If the country code does not appear in the phone number, add it as a prefix to the number you are sending text messages to. This is the equivalent dialing by dialing “1” before a long distance call from a landline, the “1” to make a long distance call is the same as the country code used to make a call to the United States or Glen. If the number you are sending text messages to begins with a “0”, remove it before adding the prefix. For example, the number 020 7925 0918 in London would become +442079250918, since 44 is the country code for the United Kingdom.

Step 3

If you are using a GSM phone (such as AT & T and T-Mobile), you can enter the phone number in international format when sending an international text: for example, write “+442079250918”. CDMA networks (such as Sprint and Verizon) do not automatically handle numbers with international format, so you must use the international call prefix instead of the plus sign. In the United States, the prefix is ​​”011″, so you would send the text message to “011 4420 7925 0918”. Some CDMA phones can automatically convert internationalized phone numbers for you. Contact your operator for more information if you are not sure it applies to your phone or network.



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