How to send a text message abroad

International calls can be expensive, and the difference in time zones can make it even more difficult to communicate. Sending a text message abroad is the cheapest way to stay in touch. In addition, you can send it at any time of the day or night just to tell your loved one that you are thinking about him. You can also notify your family and friends about your adventures during an international trip.

Step 1

Find out what cell phone plan you have. Some companies cover sending text messages abroad and others do not. There are some that also include the service in the standard text message plan, so there will be no additional costs. Others charge you more for sending your message than for receiving one. Even if your phone comes with unlimited text messages, the plan does not contemplate sending text messages abroad.

Step 2

Find the code of the country you want to call. You will have to add this code to the phone number. This will cause the number to have 12 to 14 digits. You can look up the code on the Internet, it’s the same prefix you use to call.

Step 3

Send the message via email to the phone if you can not send a text message. You and the phone you want to communicate with must have access to the Internet. You can say the same thing you wanted to say in your text message, and it could be free, depending on your plan.

Step 4

Write and send a text message just like you would for local calls. To do this, select the contact to which you want to send the message and choose the message option. Write your message and then click “Send”.

Step 5

Use a messaging program on the Internet. There are free programs like Yahoo or MSN WebMessenger and you can use them to send text messages abroad. Log in to the messenger, and add the phone number to mobile contacts. The recipient will have to pay the standard text message rates of cell phones. You can write your messages with a computer keyboard, which is useful if you have problems sending text messages from your phone.



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