How to send mass text messages for free

Sending bulk text messages for free is a relatively simple process thanks to the powerful capabilities of the short message service (SMS) gateway. The SMS gateway is a protocol that allows non-cell-phone devices to send text messages to phones by converting web-based messages to the mobile format. This means that you can send emails as text messages to all the recipients you want, as long as you know the service company of the contacts to whom you want to send the SMS.

Step 1

Navigate to the inbox of your email.

Step 2

Click on “Compose”.

Step 3

Enter the email address of your cell phone for each of the contacts you wish to send a text message to in the “To” field. Navigate to the Overseer Network Monitoring website (see the Resources section) to determine the address of your contacts.

Step 4

Enter a message in the body of the email. Limit the number of words in the text message. A standard SMS has 160 characters.

Step 5

Click on “Send”



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