My LCD TV has vertical lines of colors on half screen

LCD TV screens are a breakthrough of older monitors that use less energy, and displays are easier to manipulate due to the flexibility of the crystals. If you are observing vertical lines on parts of your screen that prevent you from seeing the image, this is usually due to internal hardware problems, loose cables or a damaged screen.

T-Con Board

The t-con board on an LCD TV acts as a bridge between the LCD panel itself and the main board. If there is a problem with the t-con board, it could cause display errors. T-failed boards are a common cause of this problem on LCD TVs, and if you feel comfortable fixing your TV, the replacement parts for the model of your TV can be found online. The board is usually located in the upper center of the back of the TV, usually covered by an aluminum panel. Replacing this part can be a challenge, and if you do not feel comfortable working with your television, ask the manufacturer or vendor for technical support and possible repairs.

Cable / loose tape

The cables and tapes that connect the LCD panel to the main board can cause an interruption in the image. The main board of an LCD TV is usually inside the top center back of the TV. The main panel houses the t-con board and the cable connection between itself and the LCD panel, so if any of these parts is loose or failed, it can cause distortions in sectors or on the entire screen. Make sure all cables are properly connected; you can also try disconnecting and connecting to make sure they are working properly.

Failed LCD

Any damage to the LCD panel can cause distortions. If this is the case, replacing hardware will not work, and the screen itself will have to be replaced. If there is any damage, it should be a failure from the start or it could be caused by a fall from the TV or a blow from another object. Replacing the screen is simple, letting the manufacturers do it or repair it, but this can only be done if your television continues with warranty. In many cases it will be more cost effective to buy a new television, since the replacement of screens can be very expensive.


If you do not feel comfortable working on your TV to replace parts or even check inside the frame, the manufacturer can order repairs or replacements if your TV continues with warranty. Unless you have experience working with similar equipment, allow a qualified technician to see it. Even if you have the confidence to do the review yourself, make sure that doing so does not violate any warranty.


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