The best ways to send text messages to large groups

Sending text messages has become a convenient way to share news, photos and videos. However, if you have a large group of contacts with whom you want to communicate, sending individual text messages can take a long time. Just as you can send emails to several recipients, you can also send an SMS or text MMS message to several contacts on your phone. This feature is available on most of the latest cell phone models and is not limited to smartphones.


Go to the main menu and select the Contacts icon. Click on the BlackBerry logo button to get the options from the contacts menu. Select “New Group” in that menu. Write a name for the group, then add the members by selecting the contacts listed in the phone book. Save the new group. Once saved, return to the “Home” screen and click on the “Text messages” icon. Click on the BlackBerry logo button and select “Compose text message”. A pop-up window will appear so you can add contacts to the recipients of the text message. Write the name of the group you just created and confirm. Write the text message and send it. All listings in that group will receive the text message.


Before sending a text message, you must first activate the “Group Messaging” feature on your iPhone. You can do this in the “Settings” menu. Unlike the BlackBerry, you must manually enter the phone number for each recipient to whom you want to send the text message. If you plan on sending mass text messages often, you can save time with future text messages by first saving the cell phone numbers in your contact list.


Service providers also provide customers with the service to send text messages online. Log in to your service provider’s website and place your mouse over the “Services” link from the main navigation menu. In the drop-down menu, select the link “Send a text message” (or in a link with a similar title). Enter the 10-digit mobile number or email address of the mobile phone for the first recipient to whom you want to send a text message in the “Send to:” field. When you write phone numbers or email addresses, separate them with a comma. Enter your name or your 10-digit phone number in the “From:” field. Write your message in the “Message:” field and click on the ”



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