Why are not my photos uploaded to Facebook?

Facebook allows you to keep in touch with friends and family using various tools, such as the “Photos” function, which allows you to upload as many photos and videos as you wish to the website. This tool does not always work perfectly, however, it may or may not have to do with Facebook itself.

Entire albums
Although you can add as many photos, and in any size, as you would like to your profile as a whole, this is not true for individual albums. Facebook albums are limited to 200, according to the Facebook Help Center. If you’re trying to upload one and repeatedly fail, open the album to see if you’ve exceeded the 200-photo mark. If so, delete some in order to make room for new ones.

Internet connection
To upload photos to Facebook, it is necessary to have an Internet connection, preferably one that is consistent and fast. If your connection is disconnected during the middle of a loading process, it will stop where it was when you lost the connection. It is likely, however, that the photos up to that point have been successfully uploaded. Click on the “Photos” button below your profile photo and then on the album you were uploading to see if the upload was successful.

Facebook’s default photo upload is based on Flash, a component found in most web browsers. That said, your flash browser may malfunction for one reason or another, it could be outdated for example, causing Flash loads to fail. Solve this problem in one of two ways: Click on the “Basic Charger” button if you have only a couple of photos to upload or download an updated version of the Adobe Flash (see Resources).

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